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You can face fines of £1,000if your tax or MOT lapses

Let us help to ensure that it doesn't happen to you in 4 easy steps.

  1. 01. Select your tax reminder design
  2. 02. Enter your car details and we'll find the tax and MOT renewal dates for you
  3. 03. Pop the reminder in your car and don't be one of the 5,000 cars clamped every month for fogetting your tax or MOT date!
  4. 04. We'll also send you a reminder email a month before your tax or MOT is due (even the DVLA don't do that ;)

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Tax Disc Reminder

If you forget your MOT & Tax you can be looking at hefty fines - no MOT certificate can see fines of up to £1,000. Vehicle Excise Duty or road tax is also important as fines are automatically produced if your car tax runs out. Although the £80 fine will be halved if you pay within 28 days, failure to pay could land you in court with an even bigger fine.

There are a variety of reasons that you may not remember your MOT or road tax renewal dates, from moving house and not updating your address, to lost or misplaced post or MOT certificates to just plain admin overload! Take the hassle out of remembering with our handy reminder discs.

We also offer a unique service in that if you don’t like any of our designs then you can upload your own photo and we will use that as the background for your tax disc reminder.

We also offer the ability to have your reminder emailed to you in PDF format... why pay us to print and post your tax disc when you can do it yourself at home?

The DVLA is now clamping approximately 5,000 vehicles a month and expecting to clamp in excess of 100,00 by the end of 2015 which haven’t had their tax renewed for one reason or another. Buying a £1.99 tax disc reminder now seems like a small amount of money especially if your postal reminder from the DVLA gets lost or misplaced.

In March 2015 5,000 vehicles were not taxed and were clamped & fined. Fine, release fee, back-tax soon add up to hundreds of pounds. Getting your tax reminder ordered today is really important as you're likely to save yourself a hefty fine.